Terms & Conditions

Latest update: October 23, 2023

Swipelux OÜ ("us" or "we" or "our" or "Swipelux") is a company incorporated under the laws of Estonia, with a registered office at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Mustamäe linnaosa, Vinkli tn 13, 12618

Please read the terms & conditions set out here in (the "Terms & conditions") carefully before using the services provided by us.

1. Introduction and your acceptance of the terms & conditions

1.1. In these Terms & Conditions, "you", "your" and "Client" means the person who uses the Website, the Platform or the Services.

1.2. By using our services, you agree that we may collect and use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.We have created a privacy policy to ensure transparency about how user data is managed.

1.3. When you use the Services via the website located at swipelux.com or its related mobile application (collectively and individually the "Website"), the Terms & Conditions shall apply to you.

1.4. By using the Website, Services you agree to be bound by these terms. If for some reason they are not in line with your preferences then please feel free stop visiting this site as it will only serve as an agreement between us which must overarching all others-the most important one being honesty!

2. Amendments to the terms & conditions

2.1 We're always looking out for ways to make your life easier and more convenient. That's why we may from time-to give the terms of use a little tweak here or there, especially if it means that you can continue using our service without any hiccups

2.2 As the user, you are bound by any new version of our terms and conditions that we publish on this site. If there is not a specific notification in time for your continued use after 14 days have passed from when they were published online or via email update - then considers as acceptance with these changes.

2.3 It is important to always check your account for updates as they are posted regularly.

3. Verification

3.1 We may, on registration of your account with us and at any time thereafter request that you provide us with all personal information available such as name address telephone number electronic mail adress date of birth. We also require proof-of source funds financial standing occupation for verification purposes by requesting certain documents like a government issued identity cardproof house ownership certificate etc.. In addition to this if required under AML KYC obligations will be requested additionally during login sessions too. We may request that copies of such documents are notarized at your own expense, meaning you will be responsible for any imperfections in the copy. Should we suspect they have been tampered with or proved misleading during our security checks - for instance if there is clear evidence proving this was done fraudulently – then absolutely nothing obligates us to accept them as valid and provide feedback on what kind those findings were regarding these particular pieces within your application process overall. If we suspect that you are not aged 18 or over, we may termination your account and these Terms & Conditions.

3.2 Further, if we need to do any background or verification checks on you and get documentation from third parties then I agree that is within our right as it pertains to verifying the accuracy of documents submitted.

4. The services

4.1 We are excited to offer you our services in exchange for Bitcoin, Litecoin or other virtual currencies available at any time. We will store your cryptocurrency securely and help make it easier through the process of buying them with fiat currency (FIAT).

4.2 The rate at which we sell or purchase Cryptocurrency shall be determined in accordance with Section ‎5 below.

4.3 By using the Services, you agree that we may require a certain degree of personal information such as name and contact details for verification purposes. You also understand these data will be saved on our systems in order to maintain an accurate account of all transactions done through this service provider.

4.4 The minimum order size for either Cryptocurrencies can be found on the website. Any change in this will not affect section 2.2, but it's something you should know before ordering if your plan is to trade with cryptocurrency!

4.5 Your continued use of our services will be subject to any changes in the Fees, which shall not affect section 2.2 unless otherwise specifically agreed upon by us in writing at time such agreement is made known through published updates on this site or via email communication between both parties prior thereto consuming said service(s).

4.6 Purchase of Cryptocurrency by you: following your opening of an account with us, you will be able to purchase Cryptocurrency from us, in exchange for USD, GBP, EUR or other government-issued currency, that is designated as legal tender in its country of issuance through government decree, regulation, or law as determined by us from time to time (collectively and individually the "FIAT Currency"). Following your payment of FIAT Currency being received by swipelux, subject to the provisions of the Terms & Conditions, we shall deliver to your virtual wallet address opened with us, the Cryptocurrency bought by you.

4.7 In certain circumstances, at your discretion you may be able to access the Website and use our Services as a guest without opening an account or funding it with cryptocurrency. You will only have limited abilities when using this type of Guest Account; namely purchasing Cryptocurrency from us immediately transacting between digital wallet addresses external to the Website or products certain restrictions apply in addition , please refer specifically Section 14 .7 where we limitation any responsibility for damages incurred during such usage. Should you wish to have full access to transactions made as part of a "Guest Account", please contact support@swipelux.com.

4.8 You will be able to sell your cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat currency after opening an account with us and setting up a wallet. We'll send the FIAT currencies directly into that bank account you designated when signing up.

4.9 You agree that in order to provide liquidity for its users, swipelux may trade cryptocurrencies with other exchanges. In the event of insufficiently traded Cryptocurrencies on any given day or time period (for example during flash crashes), we may decline your orders and/or transactions if necessary so as not leave our customers unable-to use their funds due an inability get into a position within this volatile market environment where prices can quickly change drastically without warning.

4.10 You acknowledge that we may set limits on the amount of cryptocurrency you can sell or buy from us, as well as our KYC process. For example: order per day and/or month. You also agree not to exceed these threshold numbers in any one transaction with other users for their respective countries'ipts tokens because it would impair fair trading conditions which were designed by law professionals who know what they're doing.

4.11 By using our service, you agree that we may refuse or cancel any purchase of Virtual Currencies from us and even after funds have been debited out of your account if it is found for whatever reason (including insufficient funds) those transactions cannot go through.

4.12 We may suspend, modify, remove or add to the Services at any time.

4.13 By using the Swipelux Services, you agree that we have no obligation to check whether users are complying with these terms and conditions. It is solely your responsibility as a user of our service-to ensure compliance by checking up on updates or amendments made from time to of so regularly.

4.14 By using the Services or Website, you affirm that your acts are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

4.15 The following is a list of reasons why we may block or restrict access to our services without prior notification: (i) when there are technical failures within the platform; (ii) until maintenance work has been completed on it, if necessary/overdue for some time now then likely due soon again in this case too close proximity between releases allowing problems like these arise quicker than expected or (iii) in the case of additional verification procedures, as well as analysis of your activity, within the framework of AML.

5. Sale price of cryptocurrency

5.1 All sale prices of Cryptocurrency shall be quoted in FIAT Currency as determined by Swipelux.

5.2 It is important that you understand the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices and times, so we will always show current rates on our site. However these may change quickly depending upon when payment methods were selected by either ourselves or other parties such as third-party processors who assist with processing transactions this can lead to delays in completing deals if they don't occur soon enough. "The Final Price" ultimately becomes determined at execution time after deducting any fees from each party's side.

5.3 You understand and agree that the Final Price may be either higher or lower than any other rate which was previously available on our site, in accordance with value fluctuation. This can change either for your advantage at times when it works out well; however this also means there is no control whatsoever over changes they happen without warning.

6. Execution of your orders

6.1 By ordering from us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Any purchase or sale of cryptocurrency will be considered pending until we receive funds confirmation (depending on what type is ordered) which means that it's not complete until then even if there was an email sent with payment details.

6.1.1 With respect to FIAT Currency payments made by you to us using a credit/debit card, our receipt of confirmation of payment from your credit/debit card company;

6.1.2 With respect to FIAT Currency payments made by you to us, the actual receipt of FIAT Currency in our account.

6.1.3 With respect to delivery of Cryptocurrency made by you to us, the actual receipt of Cryptocurrency in our designated electronic wallet.

6.2 As soon as your payment is processed, or upon delivery if you choose it for this reason. We will then execute the order at our final price which usually corresponds with what was agreed upon between us in advance - but not before all required our KYC process has been completed successfully.

6.3 Upon execution of your purchase or sale order for cryptocurrency, we will deliver the relevant currency to any designated wallet. Delivery may take some time but rest assured that it's being done as quickly and efficiently possible.

6.4 Upon execution, we will provide you with a transaction confirmation. This document states the final price and other details surrounding your sale in an effort to ensure that it's been completed successfully.

6.5 In rare circumstances, Swipelux reserves the right to either cancel your order or offer you a different price for our Services. If we choose not carry out this agreement with regards return of Cryptocurrency already received from customer prior payment processing charges shall apply. The provisions of this Section ‎6.5 will apply for any return of Cryptocurrency already received from you prior to cancellation of your order, from which the then-current equivalent amount of Cryptocurrency to such costs and expenses shall be deducted from such return.

6.6 Swipelux reserves the right to change any transaction or order at their sole discretion. In case of failed payments, you are agree that in some cases we may: (i) cancel transactions;(ii) fulfil a portion off these refunds with another payment method if necessary;or (iii ) debit your other accounts for amounts needed make up this difference.

7.1 If you're not at least 18 years old (and in some cases, even older). You represent and warrant that if you are an individual; legally qualified to enter into a contract; submitting registration information which is accurate and truthful, Swipelux reserves the right ask for proof of age from any accounts found desirable or necessary until satisfactory evidence has been submitted

7.2 You may not use the Services, Platform and/or the Website if you are located or are a resident of a geographic area in which access to or use of the Services, the Website and/or the Platform is prohibited by applicable law, decree, regulation, treaty, or administrative act, including without limitation the following territories: Kuwait, Qatar, Serbia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Oman, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea), South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Syria, Vanuato, Russia federation nationals, Ethnic groups of Caucasus belonging to Russian Federation (Chechens, Lesgid, Ossetians, Ingushes, etc.) ("Restricted Territories"). Certain partial restrictions may apply to additional geographic areas, as shall be notified by us from time to time. The Restricted Territories list may change from time to time for reasons which include but are not limited to licensing requirements and any other legal and regulatory changes.

7.3 Without derogating from Section ‎7.2, you shall not use the Services where it is prohibited by law or regulation.

7.4 Please note that we cannot provide you with any legal advice or assurance about the use of our services. However, if in your jurisdiction it is illegal for us to do so then this will be evident when registering and using certain features on our site which may include an account creation process where personal information must also be submitted at time of registration.

8. The account

8.1 The opening of multiple or linked accounts is not allowed. You may have one personal account for your sole use, which cannot be used in any professional capacity and must remain discreet at all times.

8.2 You may only access the Website and use our Services from your own account. You cannot get access to another person's content or use it for any reason whatsoever.

8.3 Swipelux has the right to set-off any amounts owed either in cryptocurrency or fiat currency, at anytime.

8.4 You are required to respond promptly and accurately for all official communications. If you do not receive an answer from us, it is your responsibility to track down the message or contact whoever sent them in order get back on track with what’s important.

8.5 Swipelux is not responsible for any damages caused by an unauthorized user of the website or services. This includes system malfunctions that occur due to information security issues, unless it's because swipelux's was negligenceful in its work grossley negligent behavior.

8.6 Swipelux is not responsible for any information associated with the use of its website or services by clients which becomes known to a third party as results from their accessing it through means beyond swipeluxe's control.

9. Intellectual property

9.1 By installing and using the software connected to this Website, you agree that all content derived from it including but not limited too patents copyrights design rights trademarks are owned by us. You may use these resources for your personal use only as long according with terms & conditions. You must not: (i) copy, interfere with, tamper with, redistribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, amend, modify, translate or make any attempt to access the source code to create derivative works of the source code, or otherwise; (ii) sell, assign, sublicense, transfer, distribute or lease the Platform; (iii) make the Platform available to any third party through a computer network or otherwise; (iv) export the Platform to any country (whether by physical or electronic means); or (v) use the Platform in a manner prohibited by any laws or regulations which apply to the use of the Platform (collectively the "Forbidden Practices").

9.2 By engaging in any of the Forbidden Practices, you are exposing yourself and us to risk. You must immediately notify our team when made aware of someone else committing these same acts so that we may investigate together how best handle this situation.

9.3 The trademark names relating to our site and any other trademarks, service marks or trade names used by us either on behalf of a company from time-to-time (the "Trademarks") are owned solely through licensing agreements with holders. In addition for Trademark usage you may only have rights in accordance with these terms & conditions which means limited use at best.

10. Client's representation

You confirm to us the following:

10.1 In order to participate in this survey, you must be at least 18 years old and you are capable of taking responsibility for your own actions.

10.2 You are legally binding yourself to these terms with every click of "Terms & Conditions".

10.3 You have not previously terminated an account that you hold with us or rejected your registration as a customer.

10.4 You are required to provide us with all information about yourself, including your name and address. You should also make sure that the details on any card used for payments or other transactions correspond fully with those you provided in order avoid unauthorized use of said funds.

10.5 It is important that you keep your information up-to date. Any changes to the details of an existing customer will require additional KYC regulations before they can be processed by our team, so please make sure this never happens again.

10.6 The Services allow you to create an account for the purpose of accessing and using our platform. You represent that no third party (including a relative) shall have access or ability through your credentials, including but not limited with logging into the site as yourself; it is imperative we know if anyone other than yourself may ever get his hands on them. Furthermore to ensuring safety in this instance you must let us know immediately should anything arise where someone seems suspicious about having obtained personal information like passwords from another source rather then just guessing.

10.7 Your responsibility for the security of your private key, username and password on your own PC or internet access location ends here. If you notice any hacking attempts from our terminal because there are viruses/malware present - that's all on us! Report immediately so we can take proper action against these pests in order to protect both their accounts as well as ours.

10.8 That your use of the Services and the Website is at your option, discretion and risk.

10.9 Your use of the Services is at your own risk and we do not accept any responsibility for its consequences. You are solely accountable in relation to tax or other levy upon amounts transferred, received by yourself as well as related obligations on behalf of third parties such that may arise from recorded transactions involving these transfers.

10.10 You are responsible for connecting your device with the internet and obtaining all necessary permissions.

10.11 In order to buy or sell cryptocurrency, you must open your personal wallet. We are not responsible for verifying the accuracy and completeness of this address so please make sure it's accurate before submitting a purchase request. However, if you provide incorrect or incomplete details to us during the purchase process we will charge an amount equal in value for investigation and work needed on behalf of our team. 10.12 You will only open one account with us. Any additional account may be suspended.

10.13 You are the only one who has access to your personal virtual wallet address.

10.14 You may not use our website or services for any unlawful activity under the law. We do respect your privacy but if you are found to be involved in criminal actions we will report this information back so that it can be used against you!

10.15 The cryptocurrency you purchase from us, or the fiat currency received in consideration for it that is guaranteed not to be used for any unlawful activity whatsoever.

10.16 The Fiat Currency or Cryptocurrency which we receive from you has not been derived through any illegal, criminal activity nor fraudulent transactions under the laws of any applicable jurisdiction.

10.17 The prices of cryptocurrency displayed on this site may change, so please check the final price before you buy.

10.18 You will use the Services and the Website in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and directives.

10.19 By enrolling with us, you agree to be fully identified and cooperate in any investigation of your account. If we suspect fraud or improper activity on the part of our customers then they will become subject not only their own identifying information but also that related parties may come into contact at anytime including financial institutions such as banks which can have devastating consequences for someone's credit score.

10.20 You will not open an account with us for any other person or in a name other than your personal legal name.

10.21 You agree that, in the event that the Website or Services fail to operate correctly as a result of, but not limited to, any delay, malfunction or interruption in operation or transmission, any loss or corruption of data or communication or lines failure, any person's misuse of the Website or its contents or any error or omission in content or any other factors beyond our control:

10.21.1 Swipelux will not be responsible for any loss, including without limitation loss of profits, that may result therefrom; and

10.21.2 Swipelux is committed to ensuring that all transactions are completed accurately. If an error occurs and results in a Cryptocurrency or fiat currency being credited towards your account, you have no right over this newfound money unless Swipelux agrees otherwise! You must immediately inform us of any such situation so we can take corrective action as required.

11. Payment transactions and fraud

11.1 By using our Services, you agree to pay all amounts due in FIAT Currency and cryptocurrency. It may happen that we refuse service or withhold payment for reasons including but not limited too: the type of credit card used during purchase; if there is an issue with your address even though it has been confirmed by us.

11.2 Swipelux will not credit wire transfers until they can properly identify and authenticate your identity or payment account (as applicable).

11.3 By using the Services, you agree that if we determine a payment to be fraudulent or otherwise irregular (including without limitation any chargeback), then your account may be closed and all funds reversed. As a responsible company, we have to inform relevant authorities about any payment fraud or other unlawful activity. We shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of credit/debit cards, irrespective of whether the credit/debit cards were reported stolen.

11.4 You agree to keep a copy of credit/debit card transaction receipts for a period of minimum 3 (three) months following any transaction made by you with us.

12. Disputes

12.1 By using our services, you are agreeing that Swipelux will be the final authority in determining your use of these products and Services. You also understand any disputes regarding this decision can only take place with their permission so please ask us before making changes or challenging anything!

12.2 The company will not entertain any claims or disputes after 7 days have passed since the transaction occurred. If you believe that we failed to fulfill our agreement with your customer, please contact their support team at support@swipelux.com dot com and provide all necessary information regarding this matter so it can be looked into promptly.

12.3 The Swipelux team is dedicated to providing their customers with a fast and fair resolution for any disputes or claims they may have. They will review your request within 21 (twenty one) business days of submitting it.

12.4 If you disagree with swipelux's decision, please contact our customer service manager immediately and provide them all the evidence in regards to your appeal.

12.5 We regret that we cannot offer you a more rapid response. Our appeals process takes 14 (fourteen) business days, but rest assured it will be worth the wait.

12.6 If you are located in any EU member state, you can refer a payment transaction dispute through the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution Platform at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

13. Risks

13.1 By accepting these terms, you are agreeing that Swipelux cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred as a result of using their services.

13.2 You are aware that the risks associated with our services may be too high for some people. However, if you have a good understanding of your finances and can handle any potential financial downside this agreement will give great benefits in return.

13.3 Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting way to send money around the world. However, as with all things exchanged in our digital age there are risks involved- risks that can't necessarily be warned against or forestalled by simply knowing about them beforehand (though this article will give you some good insights). For example: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin tend not have much value unless someone believes what they're worth; meaning changes could occur quickly without warning due an economic crisis somewhere along their supply chain which would make holding onto those coins profitable again if nothing else did first!

13.4 Swipelux is not a financial advisor and we cannot provide investment advice services. However, if you want to ask us for any transaction then it's important that before making such decisions on your own accord- without prejudice from our obligations as set out above -you represent having done adequate research into the risks involved in each potential deal; there should also be some form or warranty given about suitability based upon professional opinions (which are not guaranteed).

13.5 By continuing with this agreement, you agree that our system may temporarily suspend your account and it won't be accessible to use for an extended period of time. However in return we will do everything within legal boundaries possible so there's no need go through court proceedings or involve others regarding these matters

13.6 Swipelux cannot be held liable for fluctuations in cryptocurrency markets and, should the service ever become disrupted due to market conditions swipiluxe may at their discretion suspend services. Furthermore we won't offer any assistance or advice on how best you can protect yourself during these times as trading is extremely risky!

14. Limitations of liability

14.1 Swipelux makes no warranty or representation, whether express or implied (whether by law), including but not limited to: merchantability unsatisfactory quality fitness for a particular purpose completeness and/or accuracy of website services platform infringement on applicable laws. The entire risk as use & performance lie with you Our company will only provide what's available at the time we receive your order; however if there are any issues - let us know right away so they can be resolved ASAP.

14.2 By using our services, you understand that we make no warranty whatsoever about the suitability of those products or their effects on your specific health situation. We do not guarantee any outcomes and cannot be held liable for anything happening as a result from using them.

14.3 Swipelux is not responsible for any lost or forgotten account information. If you find yourself without access to your login, don't hesitate in reaching out! We'll help get things back on track as soon possible.

14.4 The terms of this agreement will be governed and interpreted by the laws in force at your location, without regard to any jurisdiction’s differing rules on retainage or other principles of substantive law. If there is an inconsistency between what you have read here and country laws where you reside, then local legal authority applies; but nothing else can modify these terms to do. So would void warranties from all involved parties; Swipelux is not responsible for any loss of business, profits or anticipated savings. They also cannot guarantee that you will be able to use their website without experiencing some form of damage; however they do stand behind the quality and security measures put forth in order maintain safe environments while using our services.

14.5 The terms of this agreement will be interpreted in accordance with the laws governing it. If there is a dispute over these conditions, you agree to filing within one year or else your rights won't exist anymore.

14.6 The risks of providing us with wrong or incomplete information are not worth it. We won't be held liable for any cryptocurrency transfers if you provide accurate data, but also know that we can refuse to process payments via credit cards as well because they're considered an insecure form of payment on our end.

14.7 By purchasing cryptocurrency from us, you agree that we are not responsible for any use whatsoever of the currency in your designated wallet. You also understand this instruction to transfer crypto currency purchased through us into an external digital account is irrevocable and cannot be recalled once given.

14.8 "We", the company will not be held liable for any failure or delay of our service because we were unable to perform due an event that is beyond reasonable control including but not limited too telecommunications network failures, power outage(s), third party computer equipment failures such as hardware bugs/tweaks etc., fire accidents and even acts done by government authorities when they become exceptions in certain circumstances called force majeure events.

14.9 You should verify all information before relying on it and you're solely responsible for decisions made using the content found here. We will have no liability if they turn out to be wrong.

15. Indemnification

15.1 You agree to fully indeminate and defend Swipelux, its affiliates and their respective service providers from any claim or demand which may arise as a result of your use of the services provided by said company. You also agree not only shall i be responsible for damages incurred directly caused by such actions and on demand from any claim or liability incurred as a result of using our services, claims, demands, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and any other charges whatsoever, howsoever caused, that may arise as a result of:

15.1.1 any breach of the Terms & Conditions by you;

15.1.2 a violation by you of any law, regulation or the rights of any third party; and/or

15.1.3 use by you of the Services, Website or use by any other person accessing the Services using your user identification, whether or not with your authorization.

16. Account suspension, closure and termination

16.1 The Terms & Conditions are thevised, but by using or accessing this Website in accordance with Section 1.5 you accept them unconditionally.

16.2 If we determine that you are not eligible or responsive to use the Services, our systems will automatically shutter your account. We may also terminate this agreement at any time should it come into conflict with applicable law so please ensure accuracy in providing us address details, if:

16.2.1 for any reason we decide to discontinue provision of the Services to you or in general;

16.2.2 we have a right to cancel or termination of your account, without notice and in accordance with the terms & conditions;

16.2.3 You have failed to pay for your purchase of cryptocurrency from us or other services that we've provided at our request;

16.2.4 you have failed to deliver the Cryptocurrency sold to us;

16.2.5 you have failed to transfer FIAT Currency to us;

16.2.6 your documents fail our internal security checks as detailed in Section 3.1;

16.2.7 we believe that you have used the Services fraudulently or reasonably suspect that you are abusing the Services;

16.2.8 we believe that that you are in anyway obstructing the provision of the Services;

16.2.9 if no transaction with respect to the Services has been carried out by you for 6 (six) or more consecutive months;

16.2.10 We have a right to block your account and transactions without warning if we reasonably suspect that they're related, or not in compliance with any applicable laws;

16.2.11 we are so required by a subpoena, court order, order or request of a government authority or regulatory authority;

16.2.12 you take any action that we deem as circumventing our controls, including without limitation opening multiple accounts;

16.2.13 The use of your account is subject to any pending litigation, investigation or government proceeding. We may also perceive a heightened risk for legal non-compliance associated with the activities on this platform if we receive notice from law enforcement authorities that such conduct has been illegal;

16.2.14 our service partners are unable to support your use of the Services;

16.2.15 we believe that you adversely affect our reputation;

16.2.16 we believe that your account is being used by a person other than you or that the Services are being used for the benefit of someone other than you;

16.2.17 Due to the recent changes in our policy, we have a good faith belief that your account is associated with any accounts suspended or terminated for breach of terms and conditions;

16.2.18 if you do not provide information upon the request of Swipelux or the information provided does not meet Swipelux's requirements;

16.2.19 due to a Force Majeure Event; or

16.2.20 for any other reasonable ground we deem fit.

16.3 In the event we suspend or terminate your account, you shall not be able to access any of our Services. In such an occurrence where there is a termination/ suspension of service it's possible that either party may cancel outstanding orders for cryptocurrency and cash-in on pending ones which are still good while holding back funds paid at time point when all transactions were completed between them regarding this matter ( buying Cryptocurrency from us if they had already purchased some but haven't yet received delivery). Furthermore should someone decide he wants his money now instead o waiting until after receiving;

16.4 The Terms & Conditions can be terminated by sending an email to us at support@swipelux.com, such termination taking effect on closing of account (including username and password), which occurs within 7 (seven) calendar days following receipt by them server side thereof sent via modern system notification technology lights out! You will remain responsible for any activity during this time period including paying respect owed debt/approved purchase prices in cryptocurrency from yourself towards ourselves or vice versa;

16.5 On termination of the Terms & Conditions:

16.5.1 you shall stop using the Website and the Services;

16.5.2 pay us any amounts which you owe to us;

16.5.3 provide to us any Cryptocurrency which you owe to us;

16.5.4 The Terms and Conditions of this agreement shall be all that is necessary to define the terms between you, as a user or visitor on our website.

16.6 The right to terminate the Terms & Conditions and close your account shall not stop you or us from exercising any other rights in respect of breaches, if there are any.

16.7 The termination of the Terms & Conditions shall not affect any right or obligation which has accrued prior to such termination.

17. Customer service department

17.1 The customer service department is always available to help you with any questions or concerns. We will also be recording all calls so that we can improve our services for future clients.

17.2 The information you provide will allow us to send offers tailored just for registered users. This means not only am I getting deals exclusively reserved only towards me but also updates on new products coming soon or any other news related specifically around the services offered by Swipelux.

17.3 You are agree to our terms and conditions before chatting with us. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes customer abuse, which includes but is not limited too: telephone calls, live chats emails or otherwise toward one of our employees - this will be considered as breaches on your end & termination may occur.

Please note that this website may contain links to third-party websites, advertisers and services. We do not control these external sources so we cannot guarantee their accuracy or suitability for your needs as they might lead you into things which have nothing whatsoever relevance with what was originally discussed in our conversation/ session. It’s important when using such a link be sure take time verifying all terms & conditions before continuing any further!

19. Governing law

The contract between you and us will be governed by the laws in Estonia. You agree that those courts are appropriate for settling any suit, action or other proceedings relating to these terms & conditions (“Proceedings") as well as irrevocably submit them without exception; provided however if swipelux has a problem with laying venue he may bring an appeal wherever it's possible which jurisdiction should decide this case the one where they're sitting right now!

20. Miscellaneous

20.1 The Terms & Conditions contain the entire agreement between swipelux and you relating to your use of our website, platform or services. By using this product we risk accepting all terms set out in an ironclad contract so please read carefully before submitting any information on site.

20.2 You are not entitled to any rights or remedies unless specifically stated under the terms and conditions. We have every right, but will only exercise those that benefit you if they suit your needs; failure on our part does not excuse conduct which constitutes a violation of these rules-in fact strict performance is required in order for them be enforceable. No single or partial exercise of a right or remedy shall prevent further exercise of that right or remedy or the exercise of another right or remedy. A waiver by us of any default shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent default.We understand that no single or partial exercise of our rights will prevent you from taking further action. However, if we grant a waiver as requested then such decision can never be reneged on later down the line.

20.3 The Terms & Conditions are intended to be severable, meaning that if any provision is determined by competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or part then this will not affect the rest of our agreement. We'll make every effort possible so you can enjoy your purchase as originally agreed upon while still enjoying all its benefits.

20.4 The terms of this agreement will be enforceable from start to finish, unless and until you revoke your consent by notifying us in writing. We reserve the right at any time without notice or hesitation should things change between ourselves so please stay updated on what's going down.

20.5 Third-party rights are not created by the Terms & Conditions and any such rights shall be limited to those that third parties may have under law or otherwise express agreement with us.

20.6 Outsourcing: Seek legal approval before outsourcing any or all of your services to third parties.

20.7 Relationship of the Parties: Instead of a partnership or agency relationship, the Terms & Conditions for this contract will create an independent contractor status where both parties are bound to their promises.

20.8 Language: The English language version of this agreement will be the governing one and it prevails over any other languages.