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Onboard customers to your web3 project

Let customers pay directly with their bank cards.









Offer your users to buy crypto with a payment card or a bank transfer with us.

We make all the transactions transparent for you, connecting you as a liquidity provider.

Crypto Gaming

Offer your users the to buy your Tokens and NFTs with a payment card without ever leaving your page.

Easily onboard non-crypto audiences through the medium of Swipelux.


Offer your users an option to onboard to your DeFi app with a payment card.

Target non-crypto audiences with our wallet creation feature and scale up faster.

Crypto wallets

Offer your users to top up their wallets directly in your app.

It's also possible to mark up our commission to generate a new revenue stream.


List your NFTs to our widget and offer your users to make purchases with their payment cards.

We will interact with your smart contract or API for your NFTs distribution.

Crypto Exchanges

Let your users buy cryptocurrencies and NFTs with a payment card right on your website. We will take care of KYC, AML & Chargebacks.

Customize the UX/UI to fit your design & increase the conversion rate.


Offer your users to buy Tokens and NFTs directly inside your Metaverse, without any redirects.

Target Web2.0. audience and onboard them in a seamless way with our wallet creation feature.

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Sanjay Patel

Kitsumon, CEO

Adding Swipelux solution allows us to bring more users to our token utilization as well as the game itself, which will benefit everyone significantly

Extensive fiat support

Accept all major payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more. We support 75+ fiat currencies and can implement any token to boost your business.

Countries supported

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Fiat currencies

Payment methods

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All major cryptocurrencies

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Let your customers pay

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We take care of the KYC verification and everything that is required by Law. We make it stressless for your users by asking for the KYC only at the first time of their purchases.

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We will create new wallets for these users who don't have them yet, making your onboarding smooth and stress-free.

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Direct settlement

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We are able to source the liquidity from any DEX, your smart contract or treasury.

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Why companies love Swipelux

  • partner
    We are proud to be partners with Swipelux and chose collaborate with them for several reasons. First of all, they are innovators in this space. Like us, they are always searching for how to push the tech boundaries and create a better user experience.
  • partner
    We chose Swipelux as our online payment provider because of their impeccable reputation for security and reliability. In our industry, it's crucial to have a partner who ensures smooth, seamless transactions while prioritizing customer data protection.
  • partner
    We were searching  for a quick setup of FIAT payments and found that Swipelux has a proper service and price balance.
  • partner
    The reason was very simple — It was a year ago and there were not so many options on the market for payment gateways for crypto/NFT companies, and we have signed up with Swipelux because Swipelux has a competitive offer and very friendly onboarding process.

By developers for developers

Integrate with us with just 3 lines of code on the web with ShadowDom or a link.

iOS and Android apps are also supported.

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